Fun Things To Do In Dallas This October

Do you live in Dallas and need something fun to do with the family this fall season? Or are you planning a visit and looking for the best attractions to visit while you are in town? Well, you are in luck. We have put together this article to tell you about a few of the gems you need to make sure you visit this October. 

Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza

Does one of your family members love a good museum to stroll around? Adults and kids of all ages can have a good time and learn all at the same time. The Sixth Floor Museum is located in Dallas and is surrounded by many other great adventures to be had. 

You can visit this museum Wednesday through Sunday, kids are only $14 to get in, and children under five are free. You can learn about the assassination of one of our historical Presidents and the political standpoints that were in place in the 60s. It is full of interesting information and facts. 

Nickel Mania

Nickel Mania in Carrollton, TX, is a great place to spend some quality time with your family. We have a variety of arcade games for you to enjoy and fun memories to make. Whether you have small kids or teenagers, they will have a ball at our arcade. 

The best part about it is that it is an affordable outing that you can plan. All of our games take nickels, that is right, just plain nickels. No need to drop a couple of hundred dollars to let your kids have a fun time. Once you have finished playing, you can visit our prize counter to see what you can get. 

Medieval Times Dinner Show

If you are looking for a fun night out, why not get a show with your dinner? Kids, teenagers, and adults can all have a great time at the Medieval Times Dinner Show. You can enjoy a four-course meal while watching a medieval tournament and cheering on the side you are supporting. 

The kids will have a blast watching the horses and suspensefully sitting on the edge of their seats to see who wins the competition. This is surely a night to remember and a great place to make memories with your kids. Whether it is your first time here or your fifth, you are sure to enjoy it just the same. 

Howell Farms In Arlington

Dallas is a large city that has many great neighboring communities for you to enjoy attractions. The good thing is, that the weather is rather mild in Texas, and you can enjoy outdoor activities for most of the year. A fun one to do in October is the Howell Farms Pumpkin Nights.

This is a great sight to see with the whole family. All the pumpkins and carvings are sure to get in you the Halloween spirit. Your kids will have a blast, and there’s something to enjoy for all ages. 

Call Nickel Mania For More Information

We at Nickel Mania would love to have you and your family visit our arcade this October. Our location is in Carrollton, TX, and people come from many of the surrounding communities. If you need more information about booking an event or pricing, please don’t hesitate to call. We look forward to having a blast with you when you visit us.

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