Fall Family Outings in Dallas

If you live in Dallas, you need to know all the fun activities you can enjoy this fall. In this article, we will discuss some of the family-friendly fun that your kids will love to do with you. With Dallas being a state that has warm weather for a good part of the year, you can take advantage of the fun that is inside or outside. 

Nickel Mania

Do you and your kids love arcades? You don’t want to miss the affordable fun you can have at Nickel Mania. All games take a nickel, a plain everyday nickel. There isn’t a cost to come into the arcade, so the whole family can have fun for as little as $5 apiece. 

There is a prize counter where you can exchange your tickets in for prizes. If you get hungry while you are there, you can grab a snack or two. If you live anywhere near Dallas, this is a spot you want to visit. 

Dinosaur Valley State Park

If you have a dinosaur-obsessed kid, or adult, in your home, you have to take some time to explore Dinosaur Valley State Park. The fall weather is a perfect time to take advantage of this experience. This is a great way to get your family outdoors and off electronics.

Some of the great things you can do there are:

  • Go Camping, Fishing, or Paddling in The River
  • Take A Hike, Enjoy A Picnic, or Watch For Wildlife
  • Get Your Mountain Bikes Out or Go Geocaching 
  • Find Dinosaur Tracks or Jump In The River For A Swim
  • Take A Guided Tour and So Much More

The Gentle Zoo

Almost everyone has been to your typical petting zoo before, but have you been to the Gentle Zoo? This is a similar experience, but in a different way that is fun and exciting. You can hug a hog, yes, you read that right and shoot corn out of a cannon. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

When you visit the Gentle Zoo, there are ten acres of fun to have. Some of the many fun things you can do there, aside from the animals, are:

  • Play On The Playground
  • Get In The Sand Box
  • Jump In The Bounce House
  • A Kid-Friendly Maze
  • Have A Picnic
  • Ride The Tractor Pull

Galaxy Drive-In Theatre

A drive-in theatre is an experience that everyone should experience at some point in their life. Going to the movies is fun and everything, but there is something about sitting in your car under the stars that makes it exciting. It is also a great date night idea for parents. All you need is a sitter. 

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