Nickel Arcade Near Carrollton, TX

Nickel Mania near Carrollton, TX is a family-friendly entertainment center that offers a variety of classic arcade games, as well as the latest arcade games. Families can enjoy a day of fun and games, and earn prizes for their efforts. It is a great place for kids and adults alike to have a fun and exciting time. So do not wait any longer and get over to the Nickel Arcade this week.

We Are A Nickel Arcade

Nickel Arcade Near Carrollton, TX

Nickel Mania is renowned for its 5-cent video arcade games. With over 125 of the latest and classic video games at 5-cents a pop you can play for hours! Whether you choose to challenge yourself with one of our newest arcade games or try your hand at a classic, Nickel Mania has something for everyone. Additionally, every Wednesday from 4-7pm is Happy Hour where you can get 1,000 free tickets with your admission fee! Come and experience the fun for yourself today!

Find Us in Carrollton, TX

Find yourself in Carrollton, TX or the surrounding area? Come check out Nickel Mania for yourself! Our staff loves meeting newcomers and the arcade games will surely greet you happily! We have a variety of arcade games, from classic to modern. Our friendly staff is always ready to help you with any questions you may have. So come on down and have some fun! 

Commonly Asked Questions About The Nickel Arcade

A newcomer to the Nickel Arcade? Check out our most commonly asked questions about Nickelmania! 

Do I Have To Bring My Own Nickels? 

No, you do not have to bring your own nickels! However, if you do not have your own nickels, the arcade will provide them for you with a money exchange. Plus, with no markup, you can trade your $1 for a cup of 20 nickels and so on! 

How Is Nickelmania Different From Other Arcades? 

The difference between Nickelmania and other arcades is you get more bang for your buck at Nickelmania. By using real nickels, you can spend $5 and get up to 41 plays on our arcade games. Plus we allow you to bring your own food in while you enjoy the games, something most other arcades will not allow. 

Do You Have To Pay To Enter?

Nickelmania admission fees cover the player’s entrance to the facility only. You will need to bring your own nickels to play or cash to exchange for nickels. If you are interested in eating at Nickelmania, you will need to bring cash in order to do so. 

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Nickel Mania offers a fun and exciting experience with a variety of classic and modern coin-operated arcade games. Contact Nickel Mania of Carrollton, TX today and join in on the fun! Playing is always fun for everyone, no matter how old or young you are. Nickel Mania is truly a place for the whole family.

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