Nickel Arcade in Plano, TX

Are you looking for something fun to do with your family that won’t break the bank? Then the Nickel Arcade can help you! An old style arcade that allows you to use your own nickels to play the games! An arcade filled with over 125 classic and new style games, food and fun! What more could you ask for!

Play Arcade Games For Just A Nickel

Nickel Arcade in plano

Here at Nickelmania we offer hundreds of old style and new style arcade games. You can choose to bring your own nickels or we can supply them in exchange! There is no conversion fee either! Stock up on your tickets to get the biggest prize or use them to get tons of little prizes. You can even book birthday parties and field trips here with us! 

The Nickel Arcade is a great place for the whole family to bond and make precious memories. Perfect for a weekend visit, or if your kids are out on school break. Bring them by to experience some fun that doesn’t cost a fortune! Every nickel counts as 1 token, the possibilities are endless! 

Visit Us From Plano, TX

We have been serving our community for years and only add to the quality of life. We provide both adults and children a blast into the past with our amazing classic arcade games. Plano Texas is known for being a grand city with a population of over 284,000 residents. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Nickelmania 

If you are considering taking your family to Niceklmania for a fun day trip. Then here are our most frequently asked questions about our arcade. 

Can You Bring Your Own Nickels? 

Yes, you can definitely bring your own nickels. There is no end to how many you can bring! However, if you need nickels we can provide them for you as well. No conversion rate. You give us $1 and we will give you 25 nickels in exchange! 

Can You Save Your Tickets?

Of course! Our tickets never expire and can be saved after each trip to our arcade for the prize you really want. However, if tickets are lost, they cannot be reimbursed or reprinted, so make sure you keep them safe! 

Are You Able To Book The Entire Facility?

Yes, you can book the entire facility for your event. Generally, when a field trip or other large event is booked we close off the arcade to the public. Just as long as you’ve made your reservations.

Call Us Today To Book

If you are ready to show your kids what arcades were like when you were a kid. Then bring them to Nickelmania today. Call us today to book your birthday party or field trip. Or stop by for a little day trip in the spur of the moment! Having fun doesn’t have to be expensive, just find some loose change.

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