Nickel Arcade in Mesquite, TX

If you are looking for a family night out that won’t break the bank, you will want to check out this indoor nickel arcade in Mesquite, TX. Nickel Mania has video games that use real nickels to play instead of using a reloadable card. No worries if you don’t have any change at home. You can use cash or a card to purchase nickels when you get there. 

We Have Video Games For Everyone

Nickel Arcade in Mesquite, TX

Nickel Arcade has been a locally owned establishment since 1996. Since then, we have kept the nickel slots in all of our games, and we won’t change that. We always want to provide our customers with the best deals, including over 125 of the latest and classic games. Not only that, our business offers: 

  • Happy Hour every Wednesday with a 1,000-ticket giveaway with Admission.
  • Low-cost deals on Birthday and Group Parties
  • A variety of prizes to choose from 
  • Plenty of nickels to purchase for gameplay

Come to check out our nickel arcade today for a day or evening of fun for the whole family. 

Join Us Near Mesquite For A Fun Night

We are here to provide fun for everyone. Nickel Mania is conveniently located in the Mesquite area, part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan. Whether traveling from Mesquite, TX, or further away, you will save money by choosing us for a fun time at our arcade. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Nickel Mania

We want to ensure you have the most fun visiting our arcade. Here are some questions our customers frequently ask: 

Why Is There Admission Cost For Entry? 

We charge everyone an admission fee to create a safe, trouble-free, and enjoyable facility. Both Children and adults are charged the same for entry. Even with the admission fee, we will still pay much less than if you were at a “traditional” arcade. 

Can I Rent Out The Entire Facility? 

If you are planning a party and would like the facility for you and your guests only, you must make an advanced reservation outside our regular working hours. Whether you are planning for a school, youth group, or sporting celebration, with advanced notice, we can find a convenient time for you to have the entire facility for your party. 

Call Us Now

If you still have questions or want to find out our store hours for your next fun adventure, contact Nickel Mania at (972) 713-9500. We can’t wait to see you and your guests at our Nickel Arcade.

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