Nickel Arcade in Mckinney, TX

Are you looking for something fun to do but the weather is just not great? If you are in the Mckinney area, check out the Nickel Arcade! A vintage arcade that is a family-friendly environment and powered all by nickels! Get outside, without having to be outside, and enjoy endless fun with all your stray nickels!

Classic Arcade Games

Nickel Arcade in Mckinney, TX

Were you a gamer back in the day? Maybe your kids have taken up some similar gaming habits to you? If you’re looking for an opportunity to show your kids what it was like to game when you were younger. Then Nickel Mania is the place to go! Our huge arcade has over 125 vintage and new gaming machines, all powered by nickels. 

Not only can you play for just a nickel but you can win tickets and with that, prizes. Our arcade’s prize selection is pretty extensive, which only makes the gaming that much more fun! If you love the Nickel Arcade so much, you can even book your birthday parties, daycare trips, field trips, and more! We even host award ceremonies for clubs and other groups. 

Visit Us Near Mckinney! 

If you are in Mckinney Texas or in its surrounding areas, then you should visit us. Our arcade is right off East Trinity Mills Road. Mckinney was established back in 1849 and has a population of over 202,000 residents. This is no small town, Mckinney is best known for its streets lined with beautiful trees, historic places, and vineyards. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering visiting the Nickel Arcade in Mckinney, TX. Then, here are some of our most frequently asked questions about Nickel Mania. 

How Many Nickels Does It Take To Play A Game? 

Playing at the Nickel Arcade is a sure way to keep your money safe in the bank. A nickel at Nickel Mania is equivalent to a quarter at any other arcade. For example, a $1.00 game will only cost you 4 nickels. 

Can You Host A Birthday Party At Nickel Mania? 

Yes, we ask that you make a reservation first to ensure there will be plenty of room for your group! Birthdays are a fun way to celebrate with friends and a cheap way to have hours of fun. 

Are You Allowed To Save Your Tickets? 

Yes, the tickets you win from the arcade never expire. You can come and enjoy the games at any time and save your tickets for the prize you really want! 

Call Us Today For More Info

If you want to jump into the fun, then call Nickel Mania today for more information. Our arcade will provide you with fun for hours. Don’t worry about overspending, all our machines work only on nickels! So collect all the nickels you have and head over to the Nickel Arcade for some fun. Click on the link to learn more about the hours.

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