Nickel Arcade in Lewisville, TX

Looking for something different to try with your kids or even on your own? Visit the Nickel Arcade in Lewisville, TX and play for just a nickel! With over 125 new and vintage games, you will have entertainment for hours on end! Entertainment that won’t break the bank, bring the nickels from in between your couch cushions and get started playing! 

Vintage Arcade Games For A Nickel

Nickel Arcade in Lewisville

Nickelmania currently has 125 vintage and new arcade games for you to enjoy. You can either bring your own nickels or get them from us! There is no conversion rate to exchange or to play! If a game says it is a quarter it will only cost you a nickel! Collect and gather all your tickets for a change to win a prize from our large assortment. If you are working towards the big prize you can save your tickets until you have enough, they never expire! 

Find Us Near Lewisville, TX

If you are located near Lewisville, TX or its surrounding areas then you are near us. Stop by and meet the team, discover what we are all about and have a day filled with fun! Proudly serving our community of Lewisville, TX one nickel arcade game at a time. Lewisville was established back in 1925 and has a current population of over 112,000 residents. All welcome to come explore the Nickel Arcade. 

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About Nickelmania 

If you are looking into what Nickelmania is all about and still have questions. Then checkout our most frequently asked questions below!

Can You Bring Your Own Nickels?

Yes, you can bring your own nickels to the Nickel Arcade! If you find yourself in the midst of a nickel shortage, no worry! Our staff provides nickel exchanges at no extra cost! 

Is This Arcade For All Ages? 

Nickelmania is open to all ages and encourages the parents to join in on the fun with their children. Whether you are bonding with your child or enjoying a blast from the past, Nickelmania welcomes everyone! 

Do You Only Have Vintage Arcade Games?

Although vintage games are great to have, we also have a wide selection of new games in the Nickel Arcade. Play old games or play new ones, they all only cost a nickel! 

Call Today For More Information

If you are interested in visiting the Nickel Arcade then call us today for more information! Learn how you can book parties, field trips and more! We welcome you to explore the arcade and see what it has to offer! Your kids will be begging to come back, both fun and cost friendly, what more can you ask for.

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