Nickel Arcade in Dallas, TX

Interested in taking your family on a blast to the past? Well, if you are near Dallas, TX, a great place to visit is the Nickel Arcade. Nickelmania is filled to the brim with vintage arcade games, and what is even better, they only cost a nickel! A great day adventure to go on with your kids and bond, all without breaking the bank. 

Play Arcade Games For Just A Nickel

Nickel Arcade in Dallas, TX

At Nickelmania all games cost you a nickel, you can bring your own or get an exchange from us! With over 125 arcade games to choose from, you will have hours worth of entertainment and fun! The Nickel Arcade does not just have vintage games, we also have new arcade games for all to enjoy. Save and collect all your tickets to win anything from our large assortment of prizes! A great family day trip that is equally cost effective as it is fun! 

Located Near Dallas, TX

If you find yourself near Dallas, TX or its surrounding areas, then you are close to us! Dallas,TX has a current population of over 1.28 million and is best known for the Dallas Cowboys! Nickelmania welcomes all ages and encourages parents to enjoy the arcade with their children. Stop by and see what the Nickel Arcade is all about, the staff would love to meet you and show you all we have to offer!

Commonly Asked Questions About The Nickel Arcade

If you are wanting to take the family to The Nickel Arcade but still have some questions. Then checkout our commonly asked questions below! 

Do You Provide Nickels? 

Yes, we provide nickels to you at no extra cost. However, if you have your own nickel supply we welcome you to bring them and put them to good use! 

How Much Is One Game? 

If a game states it costs a quarter, simply put in a nickel and so on. This conversion rate is used for all arcade games in Nickelmania! Cutting costs and boosting fun! 

Do You Have New Arcade Games? 

Even though vintage arcade games are a treasure, The Nickel Arcade does have a large supply of new arcade games too! No matter what type of game you want to play, we have them all! 

Contact Us Today For More Information

If you are ready for a fun and exciting day trip with the family then contact Nickelmania of Dallas, TX today. Our staff would be more than happy to assist you and tell you all we offer. Book your kids’ party, field trip and more! One visit is all it takes to get hooked, your kids will beg to come back! Call or visit us today and get started on having fun.

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