Nickel Arcade in Coppell, TX

Don’t you miss the way arcades used to be? Vintage games, tickets, and using real nickels. If you live in the Coppell, TX area, then you are in luck! Come out to Nickel Mania and play like you used to back in the day. The Nickel Arcade is just that! An arcade that uses nickels for all its games. If you’re looking for a fun outing with your kids and family, check out Nickel Mania!

Entertainment For All Ages 

Nickel Arcade in Coppell

At Nickel Arcade, you’ll play new and classic games, win tickets and prizes, and even attend gaming happy hour! With over 125 new and vintage gaming consoles, there is enough fun for the whole family to participate. Plus the prize selection is pretty extensive. Make it a game to see who can win the most tickets. Get back into your friendly competitive spirit and show your kids what games were like when you were their age. Plan your next field trip here and get special group discounts.   

Providing Fun And Play In Texas

If you are in Coppell, Texas, then you are close to us! We are located right off of Midway Road and are near The Dallas North Aquarium! Coppell was established back in 1955 and has a population of over 42,000 residents. It is also home to the gymnastics gym, Texas Dreams Gymnastics, where Olympic Gold Medalist Kim Burdette. Coppell has been named one of the best places to live in Texas! We are also local to Irving, Dallas, and more.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Nickel Mania

If you are wanting to visit Nickel Mania but have some questions. Here are some of our most commonly asked questions about the Nickel Arcade.

Do I Have To Bring My Own Nickels? 

No, you don’t have to bring your own nickels, Nickel Mania will provide them with no markups! You can even bring your own nickels from home to use. All the machines use nickels so there is no need for any trades if you provide your own nickels. 

Is Nickel Mania A Vintage Arcade?

Yes, Nickel Mania has both vintage arcade games alongside newer, updated arcade games. The feel of the arcade is that of an older one, from back in the day. A great way to expose your children to the types of arcades you grew up in! 

Do I Need To Make A Reservation For A Birthday Party? 

Yes, if you know in advance that you want your child’s party hosted by Nickel Mania, please call to reserve. As is with most arcades, space is limited, and we want to ensure there is enough space for everyone! 

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Next time you have a free day with the kids and just don’t want to sit in the house. Gather all your nickels and head over to our awesome place for some fun today. Get your kids out of the house and show them what a good time looks like. Please contact us for events and more.

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