Birthday Party Venue Near Carrollton, TX

The Nickel Arcade near Carrollton, TX is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday of any age! Our family-friendly arcade offers a wide variety of classic and new arcade games that cost only a nickel to play. With over 125 arcade games to choose from, you and your guests are sure to have hours of fun! 

Vintage And Modern Arcade Games For A Nickel 

Birthday Party Venue in Carrolton, TX

The Nickel Arcade offers over 100 vintage and modern-age arcade games. Additionally, the prize wall is filled with a variety of exclusive prizes that will put you in the gaming spirit. You can choose to bring your own nickels or bring cash to exchange at no extra markup! With these kinds of unbeatable prices, you are sure to have a great time without breaking the bank! 

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Carrollton, TX is known for its vibrant, diverse culture and its close-knit community. Carrollton, TX is famous for its annual festivals and events, including the Carrollton Music & Arts Festival and the Taste of Carrollton. It is also home to a variety of restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Hosting Birthday Parties 

Considering booking your next birthday at Nickelmania? Check out our most frequently asked questions below to make sure you have all the information! 

Do my tickets or vouchers expire?

You can save your tickets and vouchers for the grand prize you want! Our tickets and vouchers never expire and can be collected over multiple visits to the Nickel Arcade. 

What happens if I lose my tickets? 

Unfortunately, if you lose your tickets from the Nickel Arcade, they cannot be redeemed or replaced. So tread carefully if you are saving your tickets for a grand prize. 

Do I have to make reservations for a party? 

In order to book our Nickel Arcade as your birthday party venue, our staff requires a reservation booked in advance as space is limited. 

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Nickel Mania near Carrollton, TX is the perfect place to celebrate any birthday of any age! We offer a variety of classic and new arcade games all for a nickel, and can even assist in exchanging your cash for nickels at no markup. Nickel Mania is the highly sought-out venue for birthday party celebrations. Contact us today to book your birthday party with us! It’s the perfect way to have some birthday fun!

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