Nickel Mania: A Place For Everyone

If you are looking for fun things to do this summer with your family near you in DFW, you must visit Nickel Mania. This super-fun arcade is located right around the SW corner of Midway Road and Trinity in Carrollton. It is open the whole week when school is out, with longer hours during the weekend. This is also a great place to visit while on a family vacation. What’s special about it is that all the games operate with real nickels for incredibly low-cost fun for the entire family!

Play For Nickels

At this fun arcade, customers can get more entertainment for less. All the games are operated with nickels instead of quarters and dollars. A game that costs 1 dollar in a “regular” arcade will only use 4 nickels, and so on.

You get a cup of 20 nickels for 1$, 100 for 5$, and 200 for 10$. A family can easily start with a 20$ bill and have a couple of hours of great fun. You can get your 5-cent coins at the cash register or in the changing machines for no additional charge. You are also welcome to bring your own change if you want.  We have games for all ages, from adults to younger children.

Vast Assortment Of Games 

Nickel Mania has been around for a long time, but the games are up to date. You can choose from over 125 new and classic games. You and your family could spend the entire day with us with all the fun activities we have. A vast selection includes video game simulators, crane games, and arcade ticket games for hours of great entertainment.

Ticket games are a big attraction here. They are not just entertaining, but -when you win- real tickets are spat out of the machine. Once you are done playing, you can exchange them for prizes.

Great Prizes

Winning tickets is part of the game. When you are done playing, use the ticket eaters to count your tickets. You can redeem them for great prizes. With a vast selection of candy, toys, and other gadgets, players are sure to find something they like at the redemption counter.

Bringing back something you can take home and enjoy adds to the fun, and it’s part of the experience. The tickets never expire. This means you can also save them to win bigger prizes and cash them when you are ready. 

Adult & Kid Friendly

This iconic venue was developed to be a family-friendly entertainment center. The environment has been carefully planned so both children and adults can have fun together. The exciting games and friendly atmosphere create a great entertaining and bonding experience. 

Also, most amusement venues charge higher fees for adults than for children’s admission. In this arcade, everybody pays the same small entrance fee. This feature makes the arcade a budget-friendly form of entertainment for all ages. Fun family activities shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Birthday Parties

For the best birthday celebration in DFW at an affordable rate, you must choose this location. The clean and spacious facility is equipped with eight-foot cafeteria-style tables and has plenty of room for everybody. You can bring your own food, drinks, and cake to save money and customize your food for your guests’ needs.

To add fun to the party, your friends and family can spend happy hours playing nickel-powered arcade games and winning prizes. All kids love a birthday party with us! It will be an original and memorable event for everybody.

Come Play Today

Are you looking for fun family outings to do this summer in DFW? Come to play at Nickel Mania in Carrollton today. Our friendly staff will be there to assist you with all your needs. Bring your children, your grandchildren, and your friends. You will have fun-filled hours of entertainment for both young and old. It will be an experience you will want to repeat over and over again! Contact us!

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